2023: Ex Anambra CJ, Umeadi joins presidential race

By Benjamin Arida://

Ahead of the 2023 general elections, the former Chief Judge of Anambra State, Prof. Nnanna Umeadi, on Wednesday joined the presidential race to become the number one citizen in Nigeria after President Muhammadu Buhari must have completed his two terms tenure.

Specifically, Umeadi has purchased the N25million expression of interest and nomination forms for the presidential election under the platform of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA. 

Umeadi, who was State CJ during the tenure of former Governor Peter Obi in Anambra State, was accompanied by members of his support group to the APGA national secretariat in Abuja, where he paid for the party’s presidential forms. 

Speaking to journalists after a brief closed door meeting with the APGA National Chairman, Victor Ike Oye, the presidential aspirant, said he is among the most qualified for the exalted office, adding that he is bringing into his governance, rule of law and autonomy for other arms of government. 

Umeadi also charged Nigerians to fight to ensure that their votes counted in the next general elections. While expressing confidence that the 2023 general election will be free and fair, the APGA presidential aspirant said though President Buhari signed the 2022 Electoral Act late, but it is better late than never.

Responding to the possibility of him stepping down for APGA to adopt a presidential candidate of another political party, he said “APGA has always had a presidential candidate in past elections, I am an aspirant today, and it is the thinking in APGA that in 2023, we will have a presidential candidate. 

“So, in that endeavor, we will strive to change the narrative by bringing forth what has been absent, which is leadership; because in APGA, we believe that it is only good leadership that can provide change.”

Umeadi further explained that his vision as a President of Nigeria will be “to reconcile with ourselves, and it is primary in my mind; of course, my running for President is predicted on the popular vote by Nigerians at the polls. So, I urge all of us to support free and fair elections. 

“I am personally stepping out as the champion of rule of law, separation of powers and due process. I hope if I have the opportunity to lead Nigeria, which I will do firmly and fairly, we will engender security for lives and property, economic revitalization, and prosperity.”

On his capacity to vie for the President of Nigeria, he said: “I think that I’m as qualified as any other aspirant to serve as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, be it from APGA or any other political party.”

Meanwhile, the life bencher said his policy thrust will be rule of law, saying “I think it is about rule of law, due process, and separation of powers. And that is when you tackle the issues you have like security, giving the efforts that are required, not minding whose ox is gored. If you want to solve your problem, you solve your problem, that is it. It is about the rule of law.

“I have always said that the anchor of that will be financial autonomy to the judiciary and the legislative arm of government. 

“When you have financial autonomy, nobody will have any excuse to do wrong, so that even a judge or head if judiciary, if he does wrong, he knows the rule of law and due process, he will answer for his wrong. If you want to have a good country, you do not have to put all the money in one arm of government. 

“There must be financial autonomy for all arms of government.”

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