Avoid speeding beyond 30km/h in busy areas, FRSC FCT Sector Commander cautions motorists

By Peter Usman://

As harmattan season has just set in with its hazy condition, the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, FCT Sector Commander, C. C. Samuel Ogar Ochi has cautioned the motoring public in the Federal Capital Territory not speed beyond 30 kilometer per hour in busy areas.

Speaking to IDEALPOTSTS online newspaper in Abuja during the week, Ochi observed that the visibility is gradually reducing, saying that the need for motorists to be cautious of the speed limit, cannot be underestimated.

 He said the FRSC in the Territory has been educating motorists in this regards, considering the fact that there have been influx of people into FCT from various parts of the country, especially during this ember months.

“For us in the FCT, we have advocated that speed should not be more than 30km/h in the built up areas and that has been our stand so that motorists don’t knock down people crossing from one ends to another.

 “Recently, we have also realized the influx of people into FCT and of course, we are in the ember months, so we expect that to happen. Statistics has also reviewed that number of vehicles have also increased as at 15th September, so that we can experience some percentage increase of vehicles on the road and even more now” he said.

C. C. Ochi further informed the motoring public to move at slow speed in construction areas in the territory, places such as Wuye/Wuse fly over, where the construction is ongoing, Goodluck Jonathan Way, among others so that they do not run into barricades.

According to the Sector Commander, “So many constructions are going on in FCT, so cautiousness is required for all of us to ensure safety during this season and even beyond.

 While trying to educate motoring public on signs on the roads, Ochi pointed out the importance of Zebra crossing, stating that the signs are usually found where schools are located coupled with build up areas like the Federal Secretariat.

He urged motorists to respect Zebra signs by slowing down to allow pedestrians to cross the road freely without molestation, adding that pedestrians should as well not abuse the right so as to avoid unnecessary traffic jams.

“The essence of our public enlightenment over the Radio, Television and other media houses is to educate road users of the importance of this Zebra as it is the meeting point of motorists and pedestrians. Therefore the pedestrians have the right of way as they march on the Zebra. So we expect the motorists to respect this and give them the right of way so that they can pass” he explained.

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