Drug abuse and the negative effects on society

 By Peter Usman//:

It is conspicuous that Drug abuse, Trafficking and Crime are interrelated, and has impacted so much negatively on people across the country through crime and insecurity, therefore, the need for stakeholders, organizations and relevant agencies to assist government in fighting Against Drug Abuse, Trafficking, Fake and substandard drugs cannot be underestimated.

In recent time, due to drug abuse, a lot of crimes has been committed  which has led to insecurity such as activities of Bandits, Boko Haram, Rapists, Armed Robbers, Kidnap, and other violent Crimes, leading to Farmers and Herdsmen clashes across the country.

The ambassador, joint committee of the Senate and House of Representatives on Drugs and Narcotics, (Dr Christabel Regan Okoye) on the occasion of the inauguration of National Association of Nigerian Drug markets, (NANDRUM), stated that the drug market plays a vital role in distribution of drugs to Patent Medicine Dealers and other Drug Dealers and users in Nigeria.

The event which was organized by the joint Committee of the Senate and House of Representatives on Drugs and NARCOTICS was designed to tackle drug abuse, trafficking, fake and unwholesome products among drug dealers.

The joint committee noted that the drug market plays a vital role in distribution of drugs to Patent Medicine Dealers and other Drug Dealers and users in Nigeria hence the inauguration of NANDRUM.

“It is in view of this that NANDRUM was established to checkmate the influx of unwholesome and substandard drugs and to bring the Drug markets together in one voice and vision”

The committee averred that with the establishment of NANDRUM, the Nigerian Drug Market would speak in One Voice; assist the Federal Government in this noble fight Against Drug Abuse, Trafficking, Fake and substandard drugs.

“The joint committee on Drugs and Narcotics as a parliamentary committee is responsible for legislation on issues related to Narcotic Drugs and always ready to provide necessary support through enacting relevant legislations and effective oversight to compliment the efforts towards curtailing this menace in our dear country.”

The Executive Secretary of NANDRUM has however promised to liaise with the Federal Government relevant Agencies to enhance the business so as to make the movement easy.

“The 12 man taskforce that would be attached to the Commissioners of Police would be inaugurated in all the states. The markets will also improve on the existing relationships between you and the security agents.

“NANDRUM as a Federal Government and National Assembly recognized NGO will work towards elevating drug dealers’ status as a noble organization.”

Dr Christabel Regan Okoye express her gratitude to the Chairman, Senate and Chairman, House committee on Drugs and Narcotics, Senator Hezekiah Ayuba Dimka and Hon. Dr. Franics Ottah Agbo, Chairman NDLEA, UNODC and Hon. Minister of Health.

President of the Senate, inauguration of the National Association of Nigeria Drug Markets, NANDRUM said that the inauguration of the association was focused on dealing with a malaise.

He said the abuse and the trafficking of hard drugs is one problem they cannot allow to faster, adding that it is an issue that is not only unhealthy, but also dangerous to the social, economic and political wellbeing of a society.

Explaining the consequences of the drug Abuse, he stated that while individuals become retarded through addiction, the image of a nation known for drugs is also badly affected, stressing that it is impossible to find any justification for addiction, abuse, or the trade in hard drugs.

“Prevention, apprehension, and prosecution of offenders have been a focus in the last couple of years. While this is a right part to take, other measures are also desirable in the bid to mitigate and to completely tackle the problem.

“Like the Joint Committee of the Senate and the House of Representatives has rightly stated, the menace of drug abuse and trafficking has been troubling. We have lost lives, while it has retarded human capacity development through the attendant criminal behavior.

“The problem therefore requires continuous thinking, so we can come up with alternative solutions, in view of the changing dimensions of the trade. Though relevant institutions are focused on their schedules, new initiatives like the National Association of Nigerian Drug Markets, NANDRUM are also helpful.

“It is stated that the aim of the association is to tackle the proliferation of hard drugs, trafficking and abuse, through Drug Markets, which are directly involved in trading these drugs.”    

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