England goes into third national lockdown for 6-week


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced on Monday night that the country will go into a third national lockdown to curb the alarming spread of the new COVID-19 variant.

Schools will be shut, while outside exercise will still be permitted, outdoor team sports and games will not be allow.

This means the Premier League will go into suspension for the next six weeks.

The Prime Minister addressed the country in a televised appearance to set out new Covid-19 controls and said the country’s hospitals are under more stress than any time during the pandemic.

Mr Johnson listed record after record being broken as the pandemic reached new devastating heights in England.

He went on to say England would go into a national lockdown that is tough enough to contain the new variant.

The government is now instructing the public to stay at home and only leave home for reasons permitted in law such as food shopping or exercise.

Outside exercise will still be permitted but outdoor team sports and games will not.

Schools in England will close from tomorrow with remote learning in place except for vulnerable children and those of key workers.

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