COVID-19: Every Nigerian has a role to play-PTF Chairman


Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF/Chairman, Presidential Taskforce on Covid-19, Mr. Bose Mustapha has said that every Nigerians has a role to play in rolling out coronavirus out of the country.
Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday in Abuja on the commencement of phase two of eased lockdown as approved by President Muhammadu Buhari and announced by the PTF, Mustapha, however re-emphasized that State Governments now have the responsibility to shape and drive the process.
He said that PTF will however, continue to monitor the progress of phase two ease lockdown and keep the option of a review open should the need arise.
PTF Chairman therefore urge all sub-national entities with which they have been collaborating to expeditiously factor the guidelines into their decisions and resultant protocols that would be agreed to.
Mustapha further urge them to strengthen their enforcement and monitoring mechanisms so as to ensure that the desired results are achieved.
He said, “The PTF is conscious of the fact there is a high possibility of members of the public seeing the easing as a signal that COVID is gone. On the contrary, COVID-19 is still virulent, dangerous and infectious. Our lives have changed for good and will never revert to what we used to know. That is why we have urged all the employers, employees and leaders of sectors allowed to re-open to diligently comply with non-pharmaceutical measures prescribed in the guidelines and the protocols agreed by State governments.
“As we have always maintained, the fight against this pandemic is not a joke and because the science, data and experiences that drive our National Response are constantly evolving, we urge all citizens to religiously implement applicable guidelines at specific phases of the battle,
“It must be underscored that the decisions of the President and the guidelines providing the details are both products of a coordinated effort, designed to enable us achieve a sustainable balance between lives and livelihoods.
“While we take remedial measures to reach out to medical institutions on this, I use this opportunity to call on all our health authorities to make sure that waste disposal is done in such a way that would not create opportunities for increasing the chances of spreading the virus.
“This afternoon, in addition to the updates from the Ministers, the DG, NCDC and the National Coordinator shall re-educate on the protocols guiding the use and disposal of PPEs so that the communities and particularly parents will understand the danger.”

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