Africa needs independence from bad leaders, Western collaborators – GIFSEP

By Peter Usman:/

Global Initiative for food Security and Ecosystem Preservation, GIFSEP has said that Africa as a continent urgently needs independence from bad leaders and their Western collaborators, who steal from our resources.

Team Lead GIFSEP and Vote for Climate Nigeria, Mr. David Terungwa made this assertion on Thursday in Abuja at a press conference organised by the group in commemoration of the 60th birthday of the Organization of Africa Unity, OAU (now African Union, AU).

He said Nigerians and Africans at large are tired of bad leadership, adding that Africans want leaders, “who see problems and solve problems and not leaders that see problems and cause more problems.”

Terungwa expressed displeasure that despite the fact that Nigeria is one of the biggest economies in Africa, richly endowed with oil, natural gas and biomass, about 60% of the population lack access to electricity.

According to him, “Despite our position as one of the largest oil producers of the world, the electricity sectors remains one of our biggest challenges and it is man made.”

Team Lead GIFSEP and Vote for Climate Nigeria, however applauded the effort of the outgoing administration of President Muhammadu Buhari on the development and enactment of some of the policies, such as National Energy Policy, the Renewable Energy Master Plan, REMP, the Energy Transition Plan, Nationally Determined Contribution and the Climate Change Act.

The group called on the incoming administration to appoint Ministers and other Executives capable and experienced individuals with track records into the Ministries of Environment, Finance and Planning, Energy, Agriculture, Water Resources among others.

“Appointments should not be based on political party affiliation zoning and political compensation alone. We want a Minister of Environment, who is not a climate denier. It must be an individual that understands financial flows and can represent Nigeria at international bilateral meetings such as cooperation of parties, COP among others.

“The same applies to National Assembly, the Senate and House Committee on Climate and Environment should be Senators and Members of the House, who understand climate and environmental issues.” he said.

Terungwa also advised the state Governors across the country to consider climate change as one of their priorities while taking decisions. He also called on them to re-activate and strengthen the inter-ministerial committee on climate change.

“The National Council on Climate Change should be funded to enable the implementation of the climate change Act establishment of a special fund to facilitate access to RE on the demand side. Increase funding to relevant Ministries and agencies.” he said.

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