Election 2023: Vote buying should be discouraged-Gloria Shoda

As the general election is fast approaching, President, Africa Regional Council of Women, ARCW Dr. Mrs. Gloria Laraba Shoda has called on politicians in the country to shun vote buying and other activities that will cause violence during the election.

Speaking to our correspondent in an interview on phone, she advised electorate to cast their votes peacefully at their polling units and go back to their various homes or wait quietly at the distance allow by INEC if they wish to wait for the counting of votes casted.

ARCW President stated that a situation where some people after casting their votes remain at the polling unit to ferment trouble should be discouraged so as to avoid violence.

“In this coming election, we should try as much as possible to avoid anything that will lead to fighting and killings. If anything happened, it is the common man that suffers the consequences.

“Security agents have important role to play in any election, we also call on them to be fair to all political parties. No political party should be favoured, people should be allowed to vote for candidates of their choice. People should not be compelled to vote for a particular candidate” she said.

On women in politics, Dr. Gloria Shoda urged women to stop being jealous of their fellow women vying for political positions, as  she called on them to come out enmass to vote for them.

“Women should avoid being jealous this time around; they should come out and support their fellow women. They should drop party politics and vote for gender so that more women can be elected into political offices in the country.” She said.

Recently, the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, urged all political parties to ensure a level playing ground for women vying for political offices.

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