National youth leader of PRP, Olajide bags Award of Excellence

…dedicates the honor to his party, PRP

By Benjamin Arida://

The Youth directorate of Peoples Redemption Party, PRP has congratulated the National Youth leader of the party, Comrade Wolimoh Olajide on the well deserved honor bestowed on him on Friday 20th May, 2022 by a renowned Yoruba socio-cultural group known as Oodua Youth Parliament, OYP

While presenting the award, the Speaker of the Parliament, Hon. Olaniyi Abdulmajeed recognized Comrade Wolimoh for his forbearance, honesty, candidness, ruggedness and doggedness, as he is always available to stand in defence of others.

He said Hon. Olajide has continued to distinguish himself as an icon whose virtues are worthy of emulation, saying that through his hardwork and selflessness, he has continued to inspire many youth across the length and breadth of the nation.

According to him, “His amiable disposition and stable character has continued to attract streams of youth to his party. 

“In fact he has worked so hard to ensure the progressive youth of the south have a credible and equitable political platform to pursue their aspirations. He has contributed immensely to the growth of the party in the South-west and the nation at large. 

“The rare combination of his poise, charisma, intellect, dogma, strategic thinking, critical disposition, analytical acumen, zeal, zest and drive are a priceless asset with which he continues to carve a niche for himself in the political and academic space of Nigeria. Needless to say he is a man of proven integrity, a crusader against injustice and a promoter of hope.

“These and many more virtues that Hon. Olajide extols are part of the criteria that saw to his effortless emergence as the winner of the award nomination.”

Comrade Olajide, while receiving the award, expressed his excitement and satisfaction with the honor given him, stressing that he only goes about his responsibilities with dedication and did not know that his little actions and contributions were not unnoticed.

He thanked the leadership of OYP and her entire members for finding him worthy of the honour. 

Comrade Olajide dedicated the award to his family and his great party; Peoples Redemption Party, PRP which has given him the rare opportunity to serve in the capacity of NYL.

He however, promised to redouble his efforts as he aims to do more for the party as the most youth friendly party in the country.

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