Niger governorship race: Education and health, my major priority if given mandate in 2023-Madugu NNPP

By Naseer Mijinyawa, Minna

As the race to Niger State Government House in 2023 is getting rugged, retired Lt. Col  Jibril Jibril Madugu has obtained the New Nigerian People’s Party, NNPP Gubernatorial nomination form to participate in the race as he outline  security, agriculture, education and health as his major priorities if given the mandate in 2023.

The retired military officer, who voluntary quit his profession to join politics, identified maladministration by past government at all level of governance  in the state as the major reason for high level of poverty, and by extension, insecurity across the state.

Speaking with newsmen in Minna, on why he joined the gubernatorial race for the state shortly after meeting with the 25 local government chairmen of the party, he said that his decision to quit his blossom Military career to join politics was borne out of his desire to librate the people of the State from the hands of few that have held the state captive since 1999.

Retired Lt. Col  Jibril Madugu  pointed out that after over 20 years of Democratic governance in the country, Niger State finds itself among the most underdeveloped states in the country, stressing that few individuals have mortgage the destiny of generation yet unborn in the state.

He attributed the growing level of insecurity in the state and the country in general to what he called years of neglect of Critical areas, including agriculture, education, health and youths empowerment, adding that “until people’s resources are used for the purpose they are meant for, the country will continue to experience the current security situation.

The retired military officer singled out Niger state, as one of the states in the country that has find herself amongst the list developed states in the country “because the leaders have no interest of the people at heart”, stating that the current APC administration in the state is the worst since the country returned to democracy in 1999.

Jibril however, promised to use his Military experience to bring to an end, the security challenges bedeviling the state, saying that lack of political will and high level of corruption in the system have made the current security situation to linger on.

“I will deploy my military experience to tackle the security situation in the state. What is happening is essentially lack of political will and corruption in the system, and that is what I will address if I am given the mandate.

“The politics in the Military is more than the normal politics. I have what it takes to rescue the state and put it among the committees of developed states in the country, that is why I have listed security, agriculture, education and health as my areas of major priorities”.

According to him, the lack of focus by the present administration in the state, has made it the worst since the state was created in 1976, pointing out that “this administration owed the people of the state a very big apology for the mismanagement of their resources in the last seven years”.

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