Raining Season: FRSC cautions motoring public to put vehicles in order

…To avoid crashes on the highways

By Peter Usman://

As the raining season is setting in, motoring public in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT have been advised to drive with caution and put their vehicles in order to avoid what would lead to crashes and fatalities on the high ways.

Sector Commander, Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC in FCT, Ochi Ogar Samuel, made the call during the week while speaking to IDEALPOTS in an exclusive interview in his office in Abuja.

Ochi, who said driving in the rain requires some levels of skill also cautioned that since it is difficult for many to see too far from their immediate environment when driving in the rain, the need for them to drive at a reasonable speed cannot be underestimated.

The Sector Commander also cautioned motoring public to always give enough space between them and the vehicle ahead of them with at least 4 to 5 meters, adding that they should be able to sight the back tyres of the vehicle in front of them.

“All road users must drive at a reasonable speed during the raining season to avoid crashes. Adequate measure must be put in place to ensure good vehicle maintenance. The tyres must be in good shape, brake must work very well, head light and all what it requires vehicle to be on the road must be giving adequate attention.

“On the part of the road users, they must keep good distance from the vehicle in front of them. Driving bomber to bomber is not advisable especially when it is raining because; you may likely have multiple crashes. That is why some times, you see 10 to 15 vehicles involved in a particular road crash because that level of control is not easily achieved when raining on the high way” he said.

Ochi urged all road users to avoid patronizing second hand tyres popularly known as “Tokumbo”  “If you are found of patronizing Tokumbo tyres, you may end up having problem, so we advice that motorists should go for new tyres because they have expiring date and the period it can be useful on the highway are indicated on the body of the tyre”  

“As you are buying your tyres, check the expiring and manufacturing dates of what you are buying because tyres have maximum of four year life span”

Speaking on the security of personnel of FRSC in FCT, the Sector Commander asserted that adequate measures have been taken to ensure their safety as they goes about discharging their legitimate duties on the highways.

“We do a lot of sensitizations among our staff, so that they can be cautious of the security situation around them and as well don’t get exposed to where they would be affected negatively. That is why we do address our men in the morning before they go out.

“You know our men go out in group when enforcing to ensure their security is guaranteed. We also recommend that adequate information should be disseminated immediately where we notice some challenges and there is a need to get feedback in the office so that we can take adequate measures.

“One other measure that is very effective is our synergy with other sister agencies. You know, we in FRSC, we are not armed, but then we work in synergy with other armed security agencies. In FCT, we have good relationship with the Nigerian Police and our men work closely and hand in hand with police stations. So if we have challenges or suspect of any insecurity situation, we report to appropriate police station. So our level of synergy with the Nigerian Police, Civil Defence among others have helped us curbed incidences of insecurity and cases of attacks on the part of our personnel” he explained.

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