Group condemns Bianca’s assault on Ebelechukwu, asks her to apologize openly

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*As Ebelechukwu shows maturity, apologises to Gov Soludo over embarrassing inaguration drama

A group has condemned the physical assault unleashed on Mrs. Ebelechukwu Obiano by Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu during the inaguration of Governor Charles Soludo in Anambra State has asked Bianca to openly apologise to Soludo, Ndigbo and friends of Ndigbo for that embarrassing slapping saga.

This is even as Mrs. Obiano has apologized to Governor Soludo, Ndigbo and friends of Ndigbo over the “unfortunate incident”. 

The group has also described the action of Bianca as a moral tragedy.

 The demand for public apology was made by a group known as Justice and Accountability For All (JAFA) in Abuja yesterday.

In statement titled “What Does Bianca Really Want?” signed by Mr. John Ifeanyi and Barrister Camela Jude, National Coordinator and Secretary respectively, the group wondered the heights of provocation that prompted the “physical assault meted out to Ebelechukwu by Bianca” in the full glare of important personalities and the entire world.

Mrs Ebelechukwu, according to the group had also apologised to Governor Charles Chukwuma Soludo quoting he as saying that “Those who know me can testify that before and throughout my eight years as the First Lady of State, I pursued peace, promoted philantrophic getures which empowered many of our less privileged people. No excuse can therefore be tenable as justification for such public embarrassment, no matter the height of provocation.

“Equally, I wish to extend the same apology to all the important dignitaries, the people of Anambra State, as well as the entire Ndigbo for that unintended embarrassment at the occasion”, she stated.

JAFA had accused Bianca of allegedly “deploying bad politics and strange behaviours” towards many Ndigbo leaders and the Obianos, an attitude it said was “unbecoming of a supposedly important public figure”.

Tracing the unfortunate development to Bianca’s political misadventures, the group alleged that, “Mrs. Bianca Ojukwu was wife of late Dim Emeka Ojukwu who was Biafra warlord.

“Bianca was neither his first wife nor two but she was making efforts to remain the only wife standing. Bianca and Emeka Junior who is supposed to be her step son are not in good terms.

“Bianca received all the privileges given to Ojukwu in APGA”, the statement said alleging that “Bianca’s ugly attitude started when she was defeated by Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu. She was the reason Senator Ifeanyi Ubah was disqualified because she thought that he was her biggest threat while neglecting Ikukuoma’s prowess.

“During the primary, Bianca could not save herself. She wants everything on the platter of gold. Bianca’s utterances about Governor Willie Obiano on her husband’s posthumous birthday signified that her thinking cap needed to be replaced”, the group maintained..

Reacting to Bianca’s allegation that Mrs. Ebelechukwu was high because she was drunk, the group asked: “We wonder who is always drunk because her attitude shows that she is always high on something.

“This was a woman that swore that she would never attend any APGA function again but was at where APGA’s governor and government was being inaugurated! A woman, who has no respect for former Governors of Anambra State and current Governor.

What do you expect Mrs Ebelechukwu Obiano to ask Bianca after all these things she saw the former at the auspicious occasion?

“Of course, she was surprised and asked: ‘Bianca, so you too came here? I thought you said you won’t attend APGA event again’?

“How can this speech provoke any sensible woman? How can it warrant unnecessary physical assault by a supposedly respectable woman?

“No wonder she was sacked as an Ambassador. No wonder her step son was chosen by Federal Government instead of her.

“In all these things, it is appalling that Bianca shamelessly went on air to justify her despicable and humiliating action to the whole world.

“This is not the attitude expected of the wife of the most important Igbo man in history, The Great Ikemba Ojukwu Odumegwu. Tufiakwa!

“The wife of Ikemba should be virtuous; she should possess the highest mentality of a mother of Ndigbo nation, a role model to young and old; she should be the worthiest example of womanhood, commanding respect, honour and dignity in private and public places, something larger than life image of her husband, the legend. But no, not Bianca.

“Why should a wife of the great Ikemba be so proud of her despicable action when she disrespected Ndigbo and friends of Ndigbo to the point of celebrating the incident on a live TV interview? No. Something must be definitely wrong.

“If Bianca has any modicum of decorum and decency at all, she should come out openly and apologize to former Governors of Anambra State, Osodieme, Soludo, Anambra and Nigeria.

“Bianca’s action is a moral tragedy. We condemn it and ask that elders of Ndigbo should call her to order”, the statement stated.


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