The Coalition of concerned APC Foundation stakeholders frowns at the situation in APC

By Peter Usman://

The Coalition of concerned APC Foundation stakeholders has frowned at the recent happening in the All Progressive Congress, APC in Abuja, Abdullahi Ibrahim Bello stated this in statement.

The group observed that the recent events in the All Progressives Congress, APC as the National Convention draw closer with the high level of unhealthy political scheming and manipulation ongoing at the detriment of the peaceful cohesion and survival of the party has indeed opened our eyes to the nefarious activities of many of the political actors, who are hell-bent in destroying the party for their ego and selfish Agenda.

“The truth be told that the party is under a lot of tension with much-ridden crises threatening the elasticity and survival of the party with the continual stretch on the system courtesy of the  secret agenda, evil conspiracy and  many overbearing interests of those that see themselves as the Alpha and Omega of the party throwing decency and democratic tenets into the wind without caution.

“How do we describe the unholy alliance, inordinate ambition, and evil machination being championed by H.E Mallam Nasir Elrufai in connivance with  his co-travelers such as Governor Kayode Fayemi of Ekiti and Governor Badaru of Jigawa State and many who continue to disparage  Mr.Presdient by vehemently opposing the decision that Governor Buni must continue as the chairman of the CECPC?

“We wish to state categorically that we are fully behind the decision of President Mohammadu Buhari that Governor Buni should continue as the Chairman of the CECPC while the decision made by him regarding the national convention must stand for the peace and progress of our party.

“The relative peace and progress achieved with the intervention of Mr.President that Governor Buni should continue with his mandate to deliver a good , peaceful and credible national convention for the party come 26th March 2022 must be sustained by nipping the excesses of Governor Mallam El-rufia and his cohort at the bud by removing them from the committees  to ensure  that the Convention goes smoothly without any further crisis.

“Governor Mallam Nasir El-rufai has demonstrated his height of disrespect to the wish of the party with his threat on National TV(Channels and Arise) to dump the party if his wish doesn’t see the light of the day. This statement of his mustn’t  be treated with a kid’s glove as his lion will continue to roar in destroying the party by  exploring every available means for him to achieve his clandestine agenda of having the party under his control.

“We wish to reiterate our commitment and display of unwavering support and loyalty to the supremacy of the party by saying that the Convention must hold  as planned while the Status quo of decisions  made under the chairmanship of Buni CECPC must stand as we have no other party than the All Progressives Congress and we will continue to strive that his  success stands.

“We use this medium to implore the ranks and files of the party to give Governor Buni, the much support needed to deliver on the mandate given to him as we look forward to the National Convention of the party.

“We are progressives and our attitude and action must  continue to reflect the ideals and values we stand for.

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