Private company advocates for local Manufacturing of IVDs.

By Peter Usman://

…Says, it will boost Nigeria economy

The Chief Executive Officer, CEO of DCL Laboratory Products Limited, Mr. Okechukwu Charles has advocated for local Manufacturing of IVDs in the country that can be used locally and as well exported to other countries of the world.  

Charles noted that if Nigerians begin to produce things that we need locally and in large quantity, the income from the exports will definitely enhance the economy of Nigeria.

He said that his organization have been creating awareness and educating people on the need for Nigerians to engage in local manufacturing of IVDs like other countries, saying if that is done, total dependence on foreign goods would be drastically reduced.

The DCL CEO appreciated government’ is also trying their best in supporting and we are prepared for anything that may occur again in the future in terms of local manufacturing like vaccine, IVDs and texts.

Speaking on the honour bestowed on his organization, Charles said, “I feel very good and happy that what we are doing is been acknowledge and appreciated by Nigerians and I believe that the reward of good work is more work. We are going to improve more in the way we serve Nigerians”

According to him, “The meeting was a great one and there is a lot of improvement every year. Well, it is a growing stage but I am impressed to see how much they have improved”

“I am one of the people who advocates for local Manufacturing of IVDs. My dream is to see Nigeria improving in local Manufacturing of IVDs. If we begin to produce the things locally considering the large population of Nigeria, we will definitely go beyond were we are economically.” he said.

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