Ibo traditional leader in Pykasa, FCT expresses worries over deteriorating economy

By Peter Usman://

His Royal Highness (HRH) Igwe Friday Ozochi, Ozo Chimere Eze 1 of Pyakasa Kingdom in the Federal Capital Territory, FCT has lamented over the deteriorating economy and the spate of inflation that rocks the country.

HRH Ozochi asserted that naira has lost its value completely and there is an urgent need for government to do something differently to salvage the economy and as well reducing the ever growing inflation.

He called on the Federal Government to employ the service of competent Nigerians to revive the economy of Nigeria, adding that if the government could synergize with such people, Nigeria will bounce back again economically.

“People like Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Sanusi among others should be brought to help perk up the Nigeria economy.  A nation without economy is like a destroyed and devastated nation. Things are not working and the value of naira is getting worse every day. Something needs to be done urgently to help this country.

“Instead of going forward, the country continues to go backward on a daily basis due to instability of our economy. Foreign investors are even afraid of investing because nobody wants to invest in an unstable economy”

Speaking on the security situation in Nigeria, he said all hands must be on deck to give necessary assistance to the government in winning the war as government cannot do it alone.

“The issue of security should not be left in the hands of security personnel alone; it is a thing of concern for everybody. It is everybody’s business now. Kidnapers, armed banditries, armed robbers and Fulani Herdsmen and what have you had done a lot of damages to our country, so it is time for everybody to stand up to this challenge so that we can fight them together.

“Whether we like it or not, Nigeria remain our country, we don’t have another country to run to, so it has become a duty for us to protect it at all cost.”

“On the side of government, they are trying but they need to put in more efforts. We are tired of them telling us that they are on top of the situation while hundreds of people are dying every day. Yes, they are trying but they are not getting it correctly. Sometimes the security men were taken to where they were not supposed to be taken to.

“Look at what happened in Jos, Zamfara, Bunue and Katsine states; security personnel that should be deployed to those places during the crisis were not sent there. Government should buckle up and wake up to their responsibility. Action speaks lauder than voice”

Ozochi, who is also the Chairman of Garki Model market in the Federal Capital Territory, lamented over poor patronage due to high price of goods in the market coupled with lack of money in the hands of people.

He narrated that the situation became so bad that with so much money, one can only buy few goods, saying that government should assist traders to remain in the business.

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