Gov. Sule may sack commissioners, political appointees, form competent team

By Abubakar Suleiman, Lafia

As Governor Abdullahi Sule of Nasarawa state will clock two years in office on May 29, 2021, there are indications that he is planning to form competent hands that will give him maximum support in running the affairs of the state for the rest of this tenure.

Investigation has revealed that on assumption of office in May 29, 2019, the present Commissioner and members of the state Executive Council had never come in contact with Governor Abdullahi Sule.

Source closed to seat of power told our correspondent in confidence that there is plan under way to send some commissioners packing for under performance.

The source said, “As I speaks to you, His Excellency has appointed people who he had never met in his life time, that is why we are saying what we are saying”

He further explained that all the commissioners and other political appointees serving under this government are not part of those that work with the Governor on daily basis, saying that they were still part of the government.

“I know you will ask me how this happened, when he was elected, he tried to operate an open door policy or all inclusive government for maximum results but on the long run, a lot of them failed him.

“To be honest with you, they disappointed the Governor for being self-centered and instead of working hard; it was the reverse as many are now working for their personal pocket”

The investigation further shows that out of 15 Commissioner all 2 or 3 have a sleepiness night campaigning with their blood, time, energy and resources where it’s necessary to ensure, APC and, Sule wins 2019 election others found themselves as a result of political,

It was also revealed that most of them came through Godfatherisim. Our correspondent gathered that only few of the commissioners and political appointees watered to warrant their returning to the corridor of power after May 29, 2021.

According to the source, only core politician will be appointed into the state executive council, especially those who are always very closed to their people at the grassroots level.

He asserted that the present set of Commissioners and political appointees continue to portrait bad name and image of the ruling party, APC and Governor Sule’s administration.

“We are not getting anything from this government you know Oga is very stingy man we are just there. That is the words of some of them each time they have opportunity to meet with their people. 

“Though they are busy buying or building mansions, changing cars and above all, living a luxury life, yet they kept telling electorates lies about government”

The source also noted that if Gov. Sule must achieve his mission and vision, he needed to act fast in selecting or forming his sincere team to avoid lobbies and political mentor roles; otherwise he will continued to “use old wine in a new bottle.”

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