Executive action against legislature, Judiciary undemocratic- Hon.Bosso

By Al-SirajdeenAlhameed, Minna//:

The action of the executive against the legislature and the Judiciary by denying them their autonomy as enshrined in the Constitution was an anti democracy and is condemnable, the Chairman House Committee on Labour matters in Niger State House of Assembly, Hon. Malik Madaki Bosso has observed.

He stated that the executive arm government has been insensitive in adhering to the constitution and the rule of law, describing their actions as anarchy “if not check it will, create unhealthy development to democracy in the country”.

Hon. Malik Madaki who was speaking in a telephone interview with Idealposts in Minna, expressed disappointment with the Executive for its insensitivity on the rule of law as enshrined in the Constitution.

According to the law maker, for the executive to continue to hold the entire citizens of the country hostage for their deliberate action against the other tiers of government was undemocratic, calling on all meaning Nigerians to throw their weight behind the legislature and the Judiciary to rescue our democracy from collapse with the action of the executive.

Malik  stated that the  President has  signed executive order 10,  directing the  governors  to simply comply with the court judgement as they have taken up the president that he did not involved them before signing the executive order.

He further stated that certain decision was taken without their own input, describing the attitude of the governors as a big insubordination.

The Parliamentarian Staff Association of Nigeria, PASAN and the Judiciary staff Union of JUSUN, were at dagger draw with the executive governors of 36 states in the last four weeks to press home the financial autonomy for the Judiciary and the legislatures

 The industrial face off embarked upon by the two unions has crippled the activities of the two tiers of government as their workers have padlocked the entrance to their offices.

As a result of the industrial face off of the two unions, the activities of the two arms of government remained crippled in the last four weeks as the union leaders told their workers to remain in their respective homes until their demands were met.

 In apparent swift reaction to the insensitivity of the executive to see reasons to comply with the constitutional demands of the financial autonomy of the two tiers of government, Hon. Malik Madaki Bosso noted with dismay the refusal of the executive to adhere and respect the constitutional demands of the unions and the rule of law.

“This is a pure constitutional issue that these two unions were asking the executive to respect. I don’t really understand the kind of democracy we are operating in this country. A situation where the executive will be taking the other two organs of government for a ride to me, we are heading towards anarchy.

“We are no longer practicing democracy in this country, because the rule of law is no longer prevailing by the executive. Again, if the governors say the president has to consult them before taken any decisions, to me, we are no longer practicing democracy in Nigeria. What I’m I saying here is that the president is no longer the commander in chief. This is exactly what the governors are saying to Nigerians” he asserted.

Speaking further, Hon. Madaki described as unfortunate the deliberate act of the governors to continue to behave as if they are above the constitution of the land “forgetting that in their oath, they sworn to abide by the constitution and they are behaving otherwise. They should remember that they are sending very wrong signals that would not augur well for our democracy” he noted

He cautioned governors to be  seen as role model by been a respecter of rule of law and abide by their oath of office administered on them when they became governor of their respective states, stressing that their actions is an indication of underestimating the democracy that brought them to their offices.

 He opined that the two unions were on the right path in their demands, adding that it was in the interest of the constitution that the governors should be a respecter of the law by allowing the financial autonomy for the two tiers of government.

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