CSOs condemn call for resignation of Pantami over alleged links to terrorist groups

By Peter Usman//:

The Civil Society Forum has condemned the calls for resignation of the Minister of Communication and Digital economy, Isa Pantami by some sections of Nigerians over allegations that he has links to Al-queda and other Islamic terrorist groups.

The groups described the call as devious, blackmailing and political plot against the Minister, who wants to express his religious views, adding that the allegations are figments of the imagination of desperate intruders who want to destabilize. Nigeria.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja on Monday, Head of the coalition, Mr. Olayinka Sada, said Pantami has been facing attacks for championing the fight against insecurity with the NIN initiative linking citizens phone numbers, capable of identifying major criminals and their sponsors.

Sada asserted that the compulsory NIN registration can easily identify economic looters, political brigands, bandits, insurgents, kidnappers, internet fraudsters among other criminals in the country.

 According to him, “This initiative is been rejected by elements who are in the business of profiting through crimes against the nation. The huge cry about PantamiMustGo is an attempt to derail President Muhammadu Buhar’s from resolving the security problems bedeviling Nigeria and Nigerians”

He stated that, “The Civil Society Forum, haven seen through the plots, wish to say that any attempt by anybody, group or organizations at removing Sheik Pantami through the backdoor is a well orchestrated agenda at festering insecurity, corruption and social vices.

“As concerned Nigerians, we insist that nothing must be allowed to derail the well focused plan of putting Nigerians on a database that can detect who we all are and what we claim to be.

“We urge President Buhari to resist the unholy media trial against Sheik Pantami. We hold in our minds and that of majority Nigerians that the Minister’s initiative is one of the major solutions to solving the problems currently faced by Nigerians.

“Any movement against the Minister is anti-Nigeria. We must be bold to say this and ensure that the peace of our nation is not sacrificed on the altar of religious affiliation or criminal alliance of few who are hell bent in continuing their national sabotage for personal enrichment.

“We seek the understanding of Nigerians and the international community to know that many of Nigeria’s problems are internal. Those preparing for the fall of Buhari government should know that the sacrifices and the diligence of the last 6 years have shown that no nation can be above her citizens. In ensuring development, every Nigerian must rise against self and be patriotic to measures and policies that can lead to greatness”

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