1876 inmates yet to be captured after Imo prison break

…6 of them return to Custodial Centre

By Benjamin Arida//:

The Acting Controller-General, Nigeria Correctional Service, NCoS, Mr. John Mrabure, has confirmed the return of 6 out of 1,844 inmates released after the attack on Owerri Custodial Centre in the early hours of Monday, April 5, 2021.

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However, Mrabure also noted that 35 inmates refused to escape during the attack.

He said: “As at the last count, six inmates have so far voluntarily returned to the facility while 35 inmates refused to escape from custody during the attack.”

Mrabure added that he has ordered a comprehensive investigation into the incident.

He said the investigation commenced with a Search and Recover Operations to recapture the fleeing inmates.

Owerri Custodial Centre in Imo had been attacked by unknown gunmen who forcefully released a total of 1,844 inmates in custody.

The attackers, who stormed the facility at about 02:15hrs on Monday 5th April 2021, gained entrance into the premises by using explosives to blast the administrative block.

They were said to have arrived at the centre in their large number in several Hilux Pick-Up vans and Sienna buses armed with sophisticated weapons and immediately engaged the security personnel on duty in a fierce gun battle.

Mrabure, however, appealed to the good citizens of Imo and indeed Nigerians to volunteer useful information that would facilitate the recapture of the fleeing inmates.

He assured Nigerians that the security of custodial centres across the country remained sacrosanct.

The Acting Controller-General, equally directed all officers attached to custodial facilities to remain vigilant at this trying period for the NCoS.

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