FRSC, FCT Sector Commander urges motorists to obey traffic rules

By Peter Usman/:

The FCT Sector Commander of the Federal Road Safety Corps, FRSC, CC. Wobin Ayuba Gora, has called on the motorists in the Territory to strictly obey all the traffic rules and regulations so as to avoid arrest and prosecution.

Gora also cautioned those who have formed the habit of committing offences and run away to henceforth desist, as corps have designed a way of arresting such motorists through their plate numbers.

As for motorists who always overload their vehicles for the purpose of maximising profit, he said effort will be intensified to apprehend all offenders, saying that, motorists are not only going to be arrested for overloading offence, they will also be taking to the hospital for emotional eveluation test.

“Most of these unpainted taxis within the city centre; it is unfortunate that they are the major culprit in this overloading we have been talking about and I have told them that this year, it is not going to be business as usual. They should know that going to the hospital for emotional evaluation test is still on course.

“This year, everybody should do the right thing, nobody should waste his or her credit calling me, because anything that has to do with the offences I told you earlier, the offenders, after arrest must be prosecuted accordingly.

“It is not the question of calling people at the high place for assistant, and let me say this; anybody highly placed should not support those that are doing bad things. Even the Corps Marshal is not happy with that situation and so he has given a marching order to curtail the trend”

Speaking on the number plate, the FCT Sector Commander advised those who have not gotten the new number plate to go and register their vehicle without delay to avoid arrest.

He averred that many motorists have been going about with number plates that they do not know the source of production, adding that who ever was arrested with fake number plate will be arrested and prosecuted.

“There are some number plates that we don’t know their source of production and so, we are out to get them arrested and when we arrest them, we hand them over to the police for prosecution; that we have already started.

“Taskforce has already been constituted, which comprises the Nigerian police, Federal Road Safety Corps, Civil Defence and the VIO in the FCT and we are already arresting, especially number plate offenders. Those who use Peace Ambassador number plates, National Youth Council of Nigeria number plates among others have to be investigated.

“I don’t want to give you the statistics of people we have arrested so far, but we have arrested quite numbers of them. We started last Wednesday and we are continuing the process.

“Already, we have started operation on number plate, anybody that don’t have the new number plate is advised to go and register his vehicle, because we have already started the enforcement” Wobin said.

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