I was assaulted after my six-years-old daughter was rapped-Petitioner

By Benjamin Arida/:

A petitioner at the Edo State judicial panel, Mr. Okehielem Onyema, narrated on Tuesday how he was brutalized by police officers.

The petitioner said he was brutalized for refusing to accept a sum of ₦200,000 from a man who allegedly raped his six-year-old daughter.

Mr. Onyema asserted that he was assaulted by police officers at the Testament Police Station and State CID in Benin City, the Edo State capital.

According to him, the alleged rapist was caught alongside a native doctor who had fetish objects and drugs he claimed was used on his daughter.

Onyema Furher explained that he went to the Testament Police Station to make a report and was attended to by one Inspector Juliana Anyanwu. The inspector he said told him to accept the sum from the suspect, after which he was assaulted for refusing the offer.

He told the panel that afterward, he took the case to the state police command where another Inspector Justina Idiata attended to him.

The inspector also urged him to accept the money which he turned down again. Onyema said he was beaten for refusing the sum again.

The petitioner prayed the panel for compensation of N25 million and said the case is before a competent court.

He petitioned the panel as a result of the assault and brutality the police made him go through in the presence of the suspect.

The case was adjourned for further hearing on Wednesday, 20 January, 2021.

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