Nigeria women premier league commences on 9 December


The Nigeria Women Premier League, NWPL has announced the commencement of its 2020-21 season on December 9, 2020, as decided by the board.

The date for the return of Women’s football was decided following a meeting with all 16 club representatives at its secretariat in Abuja.

Chief Operating Officer of the NWFL, Faith Ben-Anuge revealed that there will be a return to a straight league format for the first time since 2014 after the 2019/20 season scrapping due to Covid-19.

Aisha Falode, who leads the NWFL board and also serves as a Nigeria Football Federation board member, read the riot act to the clubs and disclosed plans in the build-up to the league’s commencement.

“Commencement of inspection of facilities submitted by the teams will be inspected as part of the activities to be embarked on by the NWFL.

“If teams don’t have acceptable pitches, they will be advised to get good ones, if not a decision will be taken swiftly.

“Documentation for the season has been sent and deadlines for meeting up with these obligations and conditions will also be known soon. Any club that fails to meet these conditions will be sanctioned.

“Before the commencement of the NWFL Premiership, clubs are expected to meet all guidelines in terms of the Covid-19 protocols, player licensing, DTMS, medicals and Insurance.”

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