Plateau lawmakers urge NCPC boss to mediate in plateau crisis

The lawmakers in plateau state House of Assembly have urged the Executive Secretary of the Nigeria Christian Pilgrim Commission, NCPC Rev. Yakubu Pam to use his position to unify plateau state amid of ethnic crisis.

The former speakers, Sylvius Mwansat, who led other former speakers of the state Assembly on a courtesy visit to the Executive Secretary of the Commission in Abuja, said it pertinent for Pam to unify plateau state by using his office to preach peace and harmony among different ethic groups in the state.

Mwansat, however asserted that the state is strongly behind him to deliver the set mandate of the commission.

He thanked president Mohammadu Buhari and the good people of Nigeria for finding him worthy for the position.

“We are here to tell you that people of plateau state are with you. We are here to congratulate you and bring to you messages of solidarity from our peoples on the Plateau. We have not doubt of what you are capable of doing.

“We thank God and Buhari for given us this opportunity to serve the nation, we also thank you for obliged us the visit despite short notice.

“We know you have been involved in peace advocacy in plateau state, we still want you to maintain that tempo because we are here to pray with you and support you in carrying out the duty.

“We still want to implored the management of the commission to support you strongly to succeeded.

Speaking earlier, the Executive Secretary of the, NCPC Rev. Yakubu Pam, commended the speakers for the visit and assured them that he will stand firmed in this relationship.

“Today is one of my happiest day for seeing you visiting me because charity begins at home. I can recalled that the day of handover, all plateau state were here, including the Governor and several high chiefs to witness the ceremony

“I lack words to tell you, plateau state must remained one in respective of party and religious affillation, we remain one and let’s us keep grudges aside.

“I have more opportunity now to unify plateau state, I will never failed you. My failure will bring shame to the churches in Nigeria and people of plateau state in particular.

“I am very careful in my dealings because I am against corruption. I did not come here to look for money, I am not looking for contract, if I need money God will provide. Keep on praying for me in this oaths, “he stated.

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