COVID-19: Firms to provide relief materials to low income in Lagos


As a measure to cushion the negative effects of COVID-19 pandemic, Innovative development consulting firm, VS Management & Consulting, VSMC firm, has launched the VSMC Relief Outreach to provide timely relief materials to low-income residents across Festac and Mile 2 communities of Lagos state.
The firms, considering what many Nigerians passed through due to coronavirus pandemic,, the organization, through the financial support received from well-meaning Nigerians, donated food items to 60 beneficiaries on Saturday, July 4, 2020.
In partnership with Mamamoni Women Empowerment and Stanforte Edge, VSMC assisted these communities, especially people living with a disability, and widows who fall within this category of people mostly affected by the pandemic.
According to Adeyemi Asaba, the Lead Consultant of VSMC, “VSMC is on this mission because we want people living with disabilities and widows to know that they have a support system they can always rely on, and they can rest assured that many organisations and individuals really care about them”.
He further explained that the donation of food items was made possible by the generous support of well-meaning individuals. “We had put out a call for donation for about 3 weeks and so much positive responses were received from home and abroad to support this cause, we are accountable to the donors and we are glad that despite the pandemic we could make some Nigerians smile with sufficient meals.”
According to Mrs Onuka Oluchi, one of the beneficiaries of the outreach expressed her gratitude to the VSMC team, for the initiative of the donation of food items. “This is a welcome development and it encourages those of us who do not have anything. When COVID started, we had no support to keep going, but this initiative will help us get through the period”. She further said, “It takes a golden hand to be able to remember others. God bless VSMC and the various donors towards the project and the gesture from them is really touching lives.”
Mr. Ariyibi Sulaimon, who in the company of his son said, “I’m very happy and appreciative of the packages given, especially to people with disabilities. With VSMC and other organizations, like this, we are hopeful that more gestures of this kind would be provided for us”.
VSMC expects to scale this impact to other communities in Lagos and it environs, according to Adeyemi, “in the near future we expect more collaboration like this. In the long run, they will be critical in making societies sustainable and people’s lives better.”

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