Ujache Igala Association calls for unity of Igala

By Peter Usman

Ujache Igala Association, a socio-cultural Igala group, has called for the unity of all Igala across the globe for the purpose of developing the land.

The association asserted that there was no how a group of people can succeed without unity and networking.

The Chairman of the association, Mr. Goodman Umar Akwu, made the call recently at a meeting of leadership of various associations of igala in Anyigba, Dekina Local Government Area, Kogi state.

Akwu advised all the sons and daughters of Igala to jettison sentiment and embraces peaceful coexistence, saying, sentiment alone could lead to division among the people that had already been bound together.

He further urged leaders of Igala land to abide by the rule of engagement if they are genuinely out for service delivery, participation in community service voluntarily, and as well be ready to serve under worst condition without personal gains.

According to him, “Sentiments are bound to exist among human beings who are not perfect, but it shouldn’t be allowed to divide and polarize one family that are joined together by blood”

“lf a leader must succeed, he or she should continue to build bridges  across waters, amend fences, among walls to make sure that the people are always together, co-exist peacefully and  work in unison.  We need cooperation and understanding to succeed in our land.

“Unity is the key. It is the major ingredient for the success of a group.

We have no reason not to work together, Mr. A group need B group, B group need C group, D need E and vice versa, provided we have similar  goal.

“All Igala Associations and even globally are the same, name is just a matter of identity, the goal is one and the same. Development is the hard fact, so we have every reason to work together as far as development is the key word. We are one beloved family with one agenda and must speak with one voice.

“In the nature of time, there are moments whereby the doors of opportunity open up to let in people to make a choice. Let us see this meeting as big window of opportunities, we have packages of it here with us now, but it will take people with vision to see them. We have the one for change, correction, accountability, learning, forgiveness, leadership, talents & skill, love, to make amends, start afresh, to reconnect, to unite and to synergize. 

“I think the best choice for us today is that of UNITY & SYNERY for us to mitigate the effects of the present hardship from the economic quagmire of our place and global pandemic of the moment” Akwu said.


A journalist by profession and I have been in active practice for so many years. A graduate of Political Science from University of Abuja. Maried with four children.

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