FG to commission Thisday Dome treatment, Isolation facility Tuesday

Secretary to the Government of the Federation/Chairman of the PTF-COVID-19, Boss Mustapha, has revealed that Thisday Dome treatment and isolation facility will be commission tomorrow, 12 May.
Mustapha who made this revelation at the national briefing in Abuja said this will ramp up a total of 270 beds to the isolation capacity in Abuja.
He said, “This is a private sector driven initiative and we commend the efforts this Thisday, NNPC, Sahara and its partners.
“Yesterday, Sunday 10th May, 2020 marked the end of the first week in the eased restriction phase. I wish to remind you that we are still in Phase One of the three-pronged fortnightly strategy.
“The completion of the first week has provided the PTF COVID-19 an opportunity for a mid-phase review of the impact of the guidelines put in place to drive our National Response. I am also sure that, Nigerians have equally focused on the pandemic and have done their assessment of progress made, especially as it relates to compliance.
“One gratifying outcome of the assessment we have all undertaken as stakeholders is our convergence of thoughts on the level of compliance with the guidelines and how our individual and collective responses could improve and/or jeopardize our ability to contain the coronavirus.
“During the first week, the country generally witnessed increased number of positive cases. This is attributable to our expanded capacity for testing with the opening up of more testing centres and laboratories. As at today there are 21 laboratories nationwide including private laboratories and we continue to engage with more private laboratories.
Similarly, we wish to confirm that States have been encouraged strongly to set up isolation centres, wards (including ICU) with a minimum of 300 beds each. This will help accommodate levels 1 & 2 cases. However, with the increase in numbers, we are beginning to experience a shortage of bed spaces in the isolation centres, especially in the high burden areas. We are conscious of the need to take care of different categories of persons e.g. People living with disabilities, terminal conditions and other underlying factors / co-morbidities”
The SGF PTF was been able to complete the evacuation of two batches of Nigerians from the United Arab Emirates and the United States of America. “We would continue working with our Missions overseas and other relevant partners to ensure the evacuation of others with clearly defined rules of engagement”
“The PTF has continued to review the relevant policy and protocols so that our actions and decisions are most effective and the nation can properly take COVID-19 positive cases out of circulation to avoid the spread of the virus. We have recognized a significant role for community ownership, guidance, acceptance and implementation and the PTF will introduce appropriate inclusive policies in the coming weeks. You will all be apprised of developments on this in due course.
“As part of efforts to support the States in the establishment of the Isolation and treatment centres, I wish to remind our Governors that the Catholic Bishops Conference has volunteered all the 425 hospitals and clinics nationwide for adaptation and use as isolation centres. Governors are encouraged to please approach Catholic Bishops in their states to access these facilities.
“As a further cost-effective measure, I also wish to remind subnational authorities that the Nigeria Institute of Architects have pledged the pro bono services of their members to modify, design and supervise all COVID-19 related projects nationwide. Again, we urge that this offer be taken up speedily.
“The PTF has also continued to receive, rather sadly, reports about challenges facing the frontline health workers. They have received threat to lives, experienced detention by patients they are actually nursing to health and suffered other forms of harassment. Let me underscore the fact that these frontline workers constantly put their lives on the line to make sure persons infected are provided with the best care possible to enable them become healthy citizens again. It is therefore inhuman and unacceptable that patients engage in acts of locking them up and making demands that these frontline officers, most of the time do not have the capacity to address. The PTF COVID 19 views such behavior as reprehensible and should be deprecated. We call on all State governments to take this up appropriately.
“On the overall, the PTF is identifying and assessing all low to medium and high burden areas with a view to assessing and modifying our strategy. This will involve drilling down from all tiers of government to community level. This mention serves as a notice to traditional religious and community leaders to brace up for deeper involvement as we develop the protocols to strengthen community ownership in the National Response.
“While we continue to work on all options, the PTF wishes to repeat the dangers inherent in lack of compliance with guidelines issued. We must always remind Nigerians that Mr. President took a painful and difficult decision to ease the restrictions by approving revised measures that will maintain a balance between the safety of Nigerians and giving them the opportunity for some level of economic activities, that will sustain their means of livelihood especially , the poor and vulnerable who depend on daily means of subsistence.
“The eased restrictions must therefore not become an excuse for us to lead the lives we were used to, pre-COCID-19 days. I wish to re-iterate that the world today has completely changed from what we used to know and if we want to continue living the old ways, the cost would be enormous.
“Contracting COVID-19 is not a death sentence but disregarding the guidelines for its avoidance, as guided by experts, is a costly self-voyage. Unfortunately, such choices can not be made by individuals but the collective and we are all resolute in stamping this scourge out of Nigeria” he said.


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