Islamic leader declares support on ban of Almajiri system


An Islamic leader in Kaduna state, North West Nigeria, Dr. Imam. Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa, has expressed support for the ban on Almajiris systems.
Ashafa asserted that the system is out of fashion, and could no longer work in the North.
The Islamic cleric, who stated this during a forum with journalists in Kaduna, expressed worries saying, that it is unfortunate that people could born children they cannot cater for their wellbeing and education.
Iman Ashafa who is a Co-Executive Directors Interfaith Mediation Centre, IMC, Kaduna State, said, “i support the ban of Almajiris systems, it is unfortunate to born a child that they cannot cater for his wellbeing and education.
“I support the government directives for shutting down of worship places”, recalling that “during a pandemic in Syria, and Baghdad in Iraq, all worships places were shut down by their authorities then, adding that every places is a praying ground excepts cemeteries and toilets”
Similarly, participants at the Interfaith Mediation Center, IMC, monthly forum with media on peace also lamented over the increased in crime rates in Kaduna state and country at large despite COVID-19 pandemic ravaging the country.
The forum, at the end of its three hours exhaustive meeting expressed surprised over series of news reports about attacks, killings and Kidnapping by bandits and gunmen.
In a statement signed by Co-Executive Directors, IMC, Pastor Dr. James Movel Wuye and Imam, Dr. Muhammad Nurayn Ashafa, stated that concerted efforts should be made to ensure that security agencies are mobilizes with community vigilantes to clear communities of such notorious groups.
They recommended capital punishment for any security officer caught sabotaging governments efforts under the lockdown directives.
The Forum urged government to adopt Plateau state model by stopping inter-state transit and put in surveillance cameras so as to arrest and punish drivers and others that violated the luckdown order to serve as a deterrent to others.
They commended the idea of neighbourhood markets in Kaduna but observed that there was no adequate sensitization about social distancing or spacing in the markets.
“There is need at this period to be our brothers keeper, by helping especially the masses with palliatives.
“With the present luckdown, government should think of how to checkmate the space of banditry by enforcing securities in the state and bring about better negotiation and dialogue to ensure peace across the board.
“As the farming season is fast approaching, the need to support farmers to boost security during cultivation in their farmlands in order to address hunger pandemic as a result of Covid-19 pandemic still on ground”, they said.
While appealing to the security agencies to endeavor to respond quickly to the need of those in such difficult situation, they urged that contacts of the responsive agencies should be communicated to the citizens.
“Nigerians must adhere to all the measures put in place by the health authorities to protect themselves against the pandemic, especially social distance practice”, they said.
They advised that communities should be vigilant about the new faces that come to their communities, adding that Government should identify the stakeholders in a communities when it comes to sharing of palliative, so as to avoid been high jacked by thugs and greedy politicians.
“Rich people and organizations should compliment government effort in terms of sharing palliatives as government alone cannot shoulder the whole responsibility.


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