Trump to send 250 ventilators to Nigeria


President Donald Trump of the United States has revealed that he is sending 250 ventilators to Nigeria to help fight coronavirus that has ravaged the world.
Trump revealed this on Tuesday the size of the aid he promised Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari during a phone conversation last week.
He spoke during a visit to Honeywell International in Phoenix Arizona. The company produces masks.
Trump claimed during the visit that the U.S. has now flattened the curve on coronavirus.
He said he is helping other nations, including Nigeria with essential medical supplies.
“We have more ventilators now than anybody in the world and we are helping France, as you know. We are helping France, Italy, Spain, Nigeria. We are giving I think 250 to Nigeria. We have many countries that we are helping.
“Thanks to the profound commitment of our citizens, we have flattened the curve and countless American lives have been saved. Our country is now in the next stage of the battle. A very safe, phased and gradual reopening of our country,” Trump said in his remarks at Honeywell International in Phoenix.
According to, which tracks coronavirus patients, by Tuesday, 72,275 Americans had died due to the deadly virus and 1,237,761 had tested positive.
However, there has been a sharp decline in the number of new cases and deaths in the country in the last one week.
This prompted Trump to say that the country has been able to flatten the curve.
This pandemic, he said, has underscored the vital importance of reassuring U.S. supply chains and constructing a powerful domestic manufacturing base.


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