Only way Govt can find cure for Covid-19-Group


Kogi Socio-Cultural Group, Ujache Igala Association, has urged the Federal Government to subject the work of those who claimed to have the cure for coronavirus to serious laboratory analysis and test to ascertain the potency of the products before administering it on pateints.
Coordinator of the group, Mr. Goodman Akuh, warned that no individual or group should hide under any guise or past glory to kill more than the disease can kill with fake and sustandard products.
Akuh, who said that Nigeria may belucky to discovered the cure within our environment, noted that what matters this time is the product and not the producer.
According to him, “All claims must be scientifically proved, in the sense that it will be practically administer on carriers to confirm the efficacy of the work or product”
“What government need to do is to invite as many as possible of those claiming the discovery of Coronavirus cure, be it orthodox or non orthodox, be it wine, grass, milk or powdered form, be it in cachet, botle or plastic it doesn’t matter.
“After listening to their explanation, Govt or NCDC, the authority concerned should subject their work to serious laboratory analysis or test to see how effective and save it is before administering it.
“The next thing is to look for volunteers from among the affected persons in the various isolation centres to test its potency.
He said that the whole world is waiting to celebrate any combination that is potent enough to eradicate the dreaded Coronavirus, in respective of the colour or location of the producer.
“People are apprehensive and eagerly waiting for the good news, it doesn’t matter the continent or race it is coming from as Coronavirus has endangered humanity.
“We may be lucky to discovered, that cure is found in our backyard to bring an end to the pandemic ravaging the entire world” the group said.

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