Toke Makinwa talks separation, divorce (video)

Media personality and brand influencer Toke Makinwa on this episode of her vlog is discussing ‘Crimes of Passion’. Domestic violence is on the rise in homes and the rate at which spouses kill each other is appalling, like the recent case of Maryam Sanda who stabbed her hubby to death and was sentenced to death by hanging.

Toke says no one goes into a relationship or marriage with the intention of coming out, but when things go south, it is usually better to take a walk instead of till death do you part like is being preached.

She wrote:

I’ve often wondered why “Separation” is not preached enough, listen!!!!!! No one gets married hoping or praying for a divorce, everyone gets married with the hope that they’ll stay married forever but sometimes like it or not, that is not the case. Things change, people grow apart and no matter how hard you fight for it, there really isn’t much you can do.

Sometimes separation is healthy, people take a moment to breathe and sometimes it helps them relate better and at other times well…. they are better off without each other. Lately, I’ve been hearing of cases of crimes of passion and can’t help but wonder how we got here. Let’s talk about it. Watch the Vlog of the week on my YouTube page, link in my bio. Subscribe, like, comment and pls share. 😜💪👌 #Vlogseries #TMVlogs

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